Center Ice Staff

Frank Karr

Center Ice Arena is proud to introduce Frank Karr as our Senior Manager and Pro Skate technician. Frank has been involved in the rink business since 1974. He first started with the Polar Palace in Miami, Florida where he was introduced to all aspects of the business from Zamboni Operator, Snack Bar Manager to Skate Technician. A few years later in 1979, Frank became the General Manager at the Sunrise Ice Skating Center in Sunrise, Florida.

His experience and knowledge in skate sharpening, blade mounting and skate fitting made Frank one of the most liable skate technicians for all Skating Club of Florida and Sunrise Skating club member, including Leslie Sikes, nationally ranked, and a member of the U.S. Team for seven years. Many more high level skaters use Frank’s expertize as skate technician such as former Olympic Coaches Rita and David Lowery. Frank was also highly recommended to maintain the skates of many ex-professional hockey player’s such as Rosaire Paiment, 11 years NHL, Wilf Paiment 14 years NHL, Blaine Stoughton, 15 years NHL, and among many others.

In 1986, Frank became one of the Co/Owner Operator of the Lighthouse Point Ice Arena, which later became Glacier Ice Arena. He was also involved in the sale of the rink to the Florida Panthers which because their official practice facility. Frank has been a part of Center Ice Arena from construction to realization. We are proud to have Frank Farr as our Senior Manager and Pro Skate Technician.